Sony stops selling PS Now cards, reignites Spartacus rumors

Sony stops selling PS Now cards, reignites Spartacus rumors

Sony is advising retailers in the UK to stop selling Sony cards. playstation now from next week. The company requests that the cards be removed from store shelves and from online catalogs as well.

The insider released this information on Wednesday (12). Jeff Grubbo, no site Venture Beat, He had access to the communiqués being sent to British merchants.

“Stores have until the end of Jan 19 to remove all cards. [dos pontos de vendas físicos] I [entrega eletrônica] Update your Digital Bay as per the next business update this week and from all customer-facing areas,” reads an excerpt from the message.

Jeff Grubb said he had contacted Sony, but the company did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

New service coming?

The news doesn’t make much difference to Brazilians, as PS Now, Sony’s cloud gaming service, is not available in Brazil. However, Grubb recalls that the commercial action could be another sign that a new service from the company is emerging.

a report from bloomberg In early December 2021 it was discovered that Sony is working on a new subscription service Which unites PlayStation Plus and PS Now, being a sort of “PlayStation Game Pass”.

In addition to the current cloud games, the project, codenamed “Spartacus”, is expected to offer classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP titles. The new platform will have three subscription models: the most basic, which will give practically the same benefits as the current PS Plus; The Intermediate, plus access to PS4 and PS4 games on everything from the previous one, and the Advanced one, which will feature classic games from previous generations of consoles.

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After the matter came to light, journalist Jason Schreier, who released information about Spartacus, explained on Twitter that PS Now cards have already been collected in the United States in recent weeks.

,But yes, it is in preparation for the launch of Spartacus (aka the revamped PlayStation Plus), as Bloomberg reported in early December.”

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