SpaceX Crew-1 launch: How to watch the live NASA mission on Sunday

SpaceX Crew-1 launch: How to watch the live NASA mission on Sunday

NASA’s Shannon Walker, Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins will join Jaxa’s Sochi Noguchi on the first Crew-1 flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon.


This is no longer an exam. The SpaceX International Space Station wants to make astronauts a common part of NASA’s operations with transfers. Crew-1 mission – Its crew’s cruise flight – Sunday, November 15. The start, originally scheduled for Saturday, was pushed back due to hurricane winds and potential problems with recovery operations.

Is the basis of SpaceX Demo-2 mission hands over two NASA astronauts safely to ISS in May. They were both sad and interesting because real humans first examined the dragon. Crew-1 will follow in the footsteps of that successful mission by launching a Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein tweeted that the launch had been delayed on Friday. The weather should be good not only at the starting point but also outside the water The astronauts will land in the event of an initial emergency.

Crew will take -1 Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover And Shannon Walker NASA, plus Sochi Noguchi At the station for a six-month stay of the Japanese space agency Jaxa. The crew named the spacecraft “Flexibility”.

NASA will broadcast the launch live on Sunday and provide continuous coverage of the mission, which includes docking, hatch opening and reception. The lift-off is targeted for 4:27 p.m. PT, although coverage will begin soon.

The launch was already back on track Technical issue with Falcon 99 rocket engines During the last initial attempt for the US Space Force GPS satellite mission.

Founder of SpaceX Alan Musk said he could be Kovid-19 on Friday, But there is no indication yet if it could affect the Dragon’s opening. The The astronauts are different Leading to get started.

Announced by NASA as Crew Dragon “The space shuttle is the first new spacecraft to be NASA-certified for regular flights with astronauts nearly 40 years ago,” the statement said. SpaceX tweeted dramatic photos Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 show vertically on launch pad at Kennedy Space Center earlier in the week.

SpaceX and Boeing are partners of NASA Commercial do program, Attempts to bring astronauts’ inauguration back to US soil after years of reliance on Russian spacecraft. Crew-1 is an important moment in this process.

For more information on Crew-1, here’s everything you need to know.

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