Spider-Man trailer leaked and viral on social media

Trailer de Homem-Aranha vaza e viraliza nas redes sociais

The trailer for “Spider-Man: No Return Home” hit the network in poor quality on Saturday (8/22), and caused a stir among fans on social media. While some people protested against watching, most saw the video and it went viral. The hashtag #SpiderManNoWayHome reached over 170,000 tweets.

Words like Spider-Man, Toby, Sonny, Zendaya, Tom Holland and Peter also joined Twitter’s trending topics. There was a big uproar.

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The public is eagerly waiting for “Spider-Man: No Return Home”. This will be the third film in the franchise tom holland In the lead role after “De Volta ao Lar” (2017) and “Long de Casa” (2019). direction is from john watts, similar to the previous two.

The film is scheduled to premiere in the United States on December 17.

Spider-Man trailer leaked and viral on social media
(Photo: Disclosure)

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