[SPOILER] Video reveals details of 1993 film that returns in ‘Abracadabra 2’ – Metro World News Brasillo

[SPOILER] Video reveals details of 1993 film that returns in ‘Abracadabra 2’ – Metro World News Brasillo

In a Twitter post, Disney revealed a key detail that will be present in ‘Abracadabra 2’, the sequel to the 1993 film ‘Abracadabra’. Anyone who was a kid in the 1990s will surely remember this movie and the candle to the candle. The flame black, magical object that brought to life the Sanderson sisters, the witches played by actresses Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi. Watch the video.

In the original feature, the three sisters are witches and live in Salem 1693, Massachusetts. He is hanged on charges of witchcraft, but not before casting the final spell, which finally calls for his reincarnation after 300 years.

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Recent social media reports indicate that the recording is taking place in the United States city of Rhode Island, where a scenic city has been set up for the scene of a major fire. It is speculated that the scene is part of a flashback that will bring new audiences to the plot, as we are talking about a film that released 28 years ago.

According to We Got This Covered, ‘Abracadabra 2’ is slated to release in October 2022. “Abracadabra” was released by Disney in 1993 and was directed by Kenny Ortega, the same director who would direct “High School Music” years later. Seasons 2 and 3.

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