Spotify launches Batman audio series with voices from Brazilian actors

Spotify launches Batman audio series with voices from Brazilian actors

if you thought so movie starring robert pattinson will be the only audio-visual adaptation of batman In 2022, you are wrong. Following the success of the feature film, which premiered in March, Homme Morsego received an audioseries. first project of partnership between SpotifyWarner Bros. and DC. The, “Batman Wakes Up” The premiere this Tuesday (3) and can be heard for free on the streaming platform.

The screenplay was originally developed in the United States and adapted for eight different countries, including Brazil, In the Portuguese version, whoever voices the hero of the night is rocco pitanga, The cast also features Tana Muller, Augusto Madeira, Marcelo Virzia, Adriana Lesa, Neil Marcondes, Hugo Bonemer and Maria Bop, in addition to the actor’s sister, Camilla Pitanga.

Produced by David S. Goyer, screenwriter responsible for the “Batman – The Dark Knight” trilogy, the audio series consists of ten episodes. The first two arrive at launch and the others start weekly. Although it explores the universe already known to the public, the production tells an entirely new story.

a plot full of surprises

In the first few episodes, the listener is introduced to a Bruce Wayne a little different. Instead of a millionaire heiress stricken by a family tragedy, he is a prodigious forensic pathologist and his parents are still alive. Gotham City The Grim Reaper is terrorized by a new serial killer, but no masked vigilante to save the city.

While performing an autopsy on the body of Reaper’s latest victim, Bruce is attacked by the outlaw himself. Stubborn to stop the criminal, he is put from work by his father, Thomas Wayne, the head of the Gotham City hospital, who forces him to undergo therapy with a psychologist. Meanwhile, Police Officer Barbara Gordon searches for the villainous Riddler to uncover a mysterious case.

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“Nothing in this series is quite what it seems. It’s one of the most interesting things. It’s a succession of surprises and plot-twists that make you question what’s true within the reality that’s being put out there.” Hugo Bonnemer, who plays The Grim Reaper, remarks that the public should not be attached to what happens in it. movies. initial episode.

voice interpretation

Bringing the characters to life, with voice as the only resource for acting, was a challenge for Tana Mueller, who was cast as Barbara Gordon. “It was an exercise in a lot of concentration and imagination, so that we could print a gloomy environment with only the vocal sound, without knowing what the sound effects would come after”, he revealed.

Held at the Ultrasom Music Idea studio in So Paulo, the recording of the audioseries took place prior to the premiere of the film “The Batman”, which has already grossed over US$735 million worldwide. Augusto Madeira, who dubbed Charada, says the expectation for the feature existed behind the scenes of the production.

“There was a lot of expectation from fans for this film, which has Riddler as the main villain. But the main reference to my creation came from another film: ‘The Silence of the Lambs.’ It helped a little in composing the character”, he says.

The biggest challenge of this job was the responsibility of playing a world famous character for Rocco Pitanga. “It was a very deep dive into which a series of layers of Batman could be seen and revealed. In the series, we can get into his mind, his psychological issues, which is a place where adaptations have always been go”, the actor explains, which highlights the breaking of production paradigms when casting a black actor to embody the protagonist.

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