Spotify Rapid: How to see your top songs and artists of 2020

Spotify Rapid: How to see your top songs and artists of 2020

Music lovers can take a look back at their most listened tracks of 2020, as Spotify launches this year’s rap feature.

The popular streaming service lets users see their most played artists, tracks and genres at the end of each year, creating an individual playlist featuring their most listened songs of 2020.

Starting today, eligible users can access their personal wrapped experience – only available in the Spotify mobile app.

Built from unique data for each listener, the feature features songs, genres and podcasts you’ve heard the most over the past year.

For 2020, six new features have emerged for wrapped users – including some quizzes that give you the opportunity to predict podcasts, artists, and decades that you’ve heard the most.

A “Your 2020 Story” will let you see when you first played a major streamed song – including data on all the important milestones, and how many times you listened to it.

Premium users will receive new badges, with different titles based on how they listen to music.

If your playlists have gained significant new followers, you could be crowned a “savior”, while before you listen to a song when it gets 50,000 streams you will get the title “Pioneer”.

New personal playlists will also be available – including Missed Hits, a list of popular new releases that you haven’t heard the app’s algorithm thinks you might like.

Audiences across the country can also take a closer look at some of the top artists on record in their own right – a mixed media experience to highlight the most played artists.

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For the first time, people who don’t use the app will be able to visit the website and see the global listening trends for all users.

Visit Spotify / Rapid to learn more, or open your Spotify app for your personalized experience.

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