‘Squid Game’ creator says season three is possible

'Squid Game' creator says season three is possible

squid gameMost viewed series ever since Netflix, premiered in September, but its producers haven’t rested. hwang dong-huku has now become public to disclose third season likely, although the second season is not yet guaranteed.

This Tuesday (28), in Statement South Korean broadcaster kbs, Hwang Dong-hyuk. revealed to be on the table for two more seasons of squid game, ,I’m in talks with Netflix about season two as well as season three. We will come to a conclusion soon.,, However, this is not the first time he has talked about continuing the project.

In November, the directors came out, showing that fans’ prayers were being heard. “There has been so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for the second season. So I almost feel like they leave us no chance.”, he proceeded. “But I can say that there will be a second season as well. It’s on my mind right now”, Dong-hyuk concluded, aiming for the . to continue the thrill of gi-huno,

However, after about a month, Netflix calm disposition and expectations by saying that second part the project is justified “in discussions”, that is, ,it is not confirmed yet,,

squid gameAn event on and off the screen

squid game premiered on September 17 and was made in less than two weeks. world’s biggest event Netflix, has been viewed by 111 million customers in the first 28 days since launch. It reached leadership in over 90 countries, including Portugal, and also became the first Korean drama to reach Top most of the platform streaming, mainly the US United States.

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starring Lee Jung-jaeThe plot follows the story of 456 indebted people who, after receiving a mysterious invitation, admit to competing in a children’s game where they can earn millions. What they don’t know, however, is that whoever loses the game has a sad ending.

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This successful production brought several South Korean actors into the limelight and took viewers on a journey back in time, recalling some traditional childhood games – even with different endings.

squid gamerated for over 16 years old, went from fantasy to reality. fictional story made by kids In the context of a school, creating a strong concern around the world. Since then the administration is paying attention to this incident.

You nine episodes are of South Korean production available in Netflix,

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