Start-up Idea: Aunt Emma from the Internet | regional

Start-up Idea: Aunt Emma from the Internet |  regional

Bremen / Blender – More and more people in rural areas think they are sold out because they can’t buy anything anymore!

On the other hand, an idea from Bremen is now helping: the hybrid supermarket system from “myEnso” delivers retail to the village!

Scan & Pay yourself – round the clock

Photo: Jens Scholz

Example Blender. In 2012, the last shop in the town of 1,500 people near Worden closed. The next one is about 6 kilometers away.

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Rescue: “Aunt Enso” is now open round the clock, seven days a week. The digital version of Mom & Pop Shop works like this: There are 2,500 everyday items available in the shop. Anyone can use the shop within a staff-mandated opening time of about four hours a day.

Outside of these times, the door opens with a Tante Enso card, which you use to pay for products you’ve scanned yourself. Debit cards are also accepted.

teaser picture

First “Aunt Enso” open in Blender. There are now four more across the country

Photo: Jens Scholz

Customers can mark desired products online so that they can be added to the category on the site.

The company was started in 2018. One of the founders is managing director Thorsten Bosch (59): “The residents of Blender approached us. They wanted a supermarket again. That’s how the idea came about.”

teaser picture

Operations Manager Hector Losada (44) in the new and larger warehouse at GVZ: “Here high-tech robots bring the shelves to the staff”

Photo: Jens Scholz

His calculation: “Germans spend 2,300 euros per year on food. In Blender, the capacity is about 3.5 million euros. That’s not enough for Reeve & Co. Not for us. It’s low operating costs and with semi-autonomous shops Works.”

IInterseat? “We decide very precisely where to build the supermarket. The deciding factor is whether the location wants it,” says Bosch. However, the village should have no more than 3,000 residents.

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