Storm – The raging planet on the hot screen (09/13): Film actor harassed the crew during the shoot – Movie News

Storm - The raging planet on the hot screen (09/13): Film actor harassed the crew during the shoot - Movie News

Release delays, producer changes, remakes and backstage intrigues made Storm – Planet in Fury a huge nuisance among the public and critics alike.

Today’s hot screen is Movie Storm – Raging Planet, starring Gerard Butler (300), Jim Sturgess (Breaking the Bank), Abby Cornish (three commercials for a crime), Alexandra Maria Lara (Kingsman: The Inception) and Daniel Wu (The Inception). The Hit) has acted. Time). If you love presentations that talk about catastrophic natural disasters, don’t miss the screening.

In the plot, humanity builds an extensive network of satellites around the entire planet, in order to control its own climate. Nicknamed the “Dutch Boy”, the system was coordinated by engineer Jake Lawson, a collaboration between 17 countries.

After years of dedication, he was dropped from the role due to political issues and was replaced by his younger brother Max. Three years later, when the coordination of the “Dutch Boy” is about to be transferred from the United States of America, punctuality failures lead to strong climate change that kills hundreds of people.

The work is directed by Dean Devlin, who scripted the classics of such films as Godzilla and Independence Day. Storm – the planet in anger were also quite complex.

Check out these and other stories about the film, which hits hot screens at 11:10 p.m. just after the second season of Secret Truths:

The film faced several remakes and failures.

Jerry Bruckheimer was called in to produce the film during the later stages of development. The studio rejected the original cut of the feature due to overwhelmingly negative reactions from test screenings. As a result, extensive re-recordings took place, and even new narrative arcs were added to the script.

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In fact, Danny Cannon was hired to write the new scenes based on the screenplay by Laeta Kalogridis. For $15 million, he delivered content in just two weeks. The result was even more disastrous, and the project was blasted by the public and particular critics.

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Gerard Butler was the target of team complaints

Gerard Butler in the Storm.

Several peers, including Extra, claimed that Gerard Butler, the film’s protagonist, did not know most of his lines. As a result, recording was extremely time-consuming and tedious, making everyone nervous.

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has long been postponed countless times

If you thought The New Mutants was the most delayed movie in the universe, you were wrong. Initially, the feature was supposed to premiere in March 2016, but was released only in late 2017. In total, Storm – Planet in Fury won four different premiere dates.

Dean Devlin’s debut

This is the first film directed by Dean Devlin. Poor thing, isn’t it? Its debut in theaters couldn’t have been more painful, as the project went through re-records, sudden changes in crew, and backstage fights.

Visuals were recorded at NASA

Some of the storm scenes were shot at NASA facilities in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gerard Butler hospitalized in Dominican Republic

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