Strange things delayed is a positive side for fans

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Despite the initial expectation that the fourth season of Stranger Things might work towards a release date on Halloween or Thanksgiving Day in the United States, we have known for some time that the supernatural series will be delayed.

Photos from the set (after a prolonged suspension for obvious reasons) and interviews with the cast have propelled fans further, giving glimpses of the team into action and details of what could happen in store.

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But excerpts from cast member Natalia Dyer (who plays Nancy Wheeler on Netflix’s hit show) gave a glimpse of how much time we still have.

Promising that the season would be “too big”, she also admitted: “I can’t say much except that it will be some time before it’s released, but it will definitely be worth it.”

Given this, it was quite disappointing news for fans who were waiting for the new episode (and answers to questions left by the end of the third season).

All fans are looking for a source of comfort or distraction, and another visit from Hawkins and the neon lights at the shopping starcourt will now be most welcome.

But if you dig a little deeper, the chain delay may actually contain a silver layer.

Stranger Things producer Sean Levy – who worked to bring another original Netflix series, Dash & Lily, to our screens – confirmed that a release date had yet to be set.

However, the inevitable delays in filmmaking and filming are actually working in favor of the fourth season, according to them.

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He recently quoted Collider during an interview, “I’m just going to say that the epidemic has definitely delayed filming a lot and so the start of our current fourth season has been delayed.”

“But it had a very positive effect with the permission of the Duffer Brothers, for the first time, to take the time to write and rewrite the entire season before filming, which they rarely had, so the quality of these scripts Is extraordinary, perhaps never better than this. “

Fans were very interesting.

It would be fair to say that the Duffer Brothers did an outstanding job when it comes to writing articles seen in Twisters and the Stranger Things so far, breaking the record for the streaming platform as one of the biggest original shows of the 21st century Made up.

Therefore, any indication that they are improving their work for the impending fourth season will only increase hopes for a series return. And the fans can’t wait.

This was a sentiment shared by Natalia Dyer in that interview mentioned for Vogue.

“Honestly, the scripts are great,” she said.

“I’m so curious. I’m excited for Nancy. Every time we finish a season, we all think, ‘Where does it go?’ So we took the scripts for the next season and were like, ‘Oh, my God, wow!’

All this confirms that Natalia theorized in the mid-2020s.

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in July 2020, he described the delay in scheduling as a “blessing” for writers.

“Usually, we get the script first and then they need to continue writing due to the schedule. And it takes some time to develop a script. So there is usually a kind of ‘writing as we go’, but they seem to have enough time.

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“I think maybe it was a blessing for the writers, somehow, because they just had time to sit, think and create.”

It seems that this extra creative time allowed an additional episode to be added, extending the story of the fourth season even further. It was previously reported that the fourth season would have eight episodes following the same pattern as the first and third seasons, but is now ninth in the mix.

With many internet theories to analyze and ponder until release, at least fans are sure that a very epic new season is coming – even if they always have to wait to see it.

In Brazil, Stranger Things is now available on Netflix. There is still no official release date for the fourth season.

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