Success! Sonic 2 becomes most profitable video game-inspired film in history

Success!  Sonic 2 becomes most profitable video game-inspired film in history

“Sonic 2: The Movie” is breaking records at the box office. This time, it became the most profitable video game-inspired film in American history.

Recently, SEGA announced Remastered Classics for PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

April 20

Rumor has it that SEGA has started development on Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio reboots

April 19

In its third week in theatres, the film maintained its No. US $ 15.6 million (~R $ 76.12 million), Overall the film earned US$146 million (~R$712 million) only in the United States, according to box office mojo,

news site tail channelFocused solely on Sonic News, revealed that last week’s amount puts Sonic 2 at the top of video game adaptations, beating Detective Pikachu, Uncharted: Off the Map, and the first Blue Hedgehog film, earning the title. Is. Video game inspired film production company in history.

However, it’s worth noting that the information is only from the box office in the United States and it will still take some time to see if the title will expand worldwide.

Box Office Mojo holds Sonic 2 with current gross 288 million US dollars (~R$1.4 billion)It is the tenth most profitable video game-inspired film in the world, after the first film, Angry Birds, Detective Pikachu and Leader Warcraft: The First Meeting of Two Worlds, grossed worldwide. US$ 439 million (~R$ 2.14 billion),

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However, it will take some time for Sonic 2’s worldwide box office to be officially revealed. The film will release in Japan only on August 19 and has no release date in other countries.

Paramount considers the Sonic films to be a huge success and intends to continue investing in expanding its universe. In February, the company and SEGA revealed that a third Sonic film is in development and that a live-action TV series has entered production.

However, SEGA may explore other franchises. Last week, it was revealed that Streets of Rage will be getting a film by John Wick and the creators of Sonic.


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