Superman actor Tyler Hochlin shares his love for children when they see him.

Tyler Hochlin became the Superman of the Arrows in 2016, when he was a guest Supergirl. Hochlin has played Superman and Clark Kent in several crossovers, and is now getting his show. Superman and Lois, In 2021. This is not just another acting job for Hochlin.

Tyler Hochlin | Katie U / CW

Hochlin appeared on a DC Fandom panel Superman and Lois On September 12. She said in the discussion that how children react to her reflects the responsibility she has for the role she is supposed to play.

Tyler Hochlin takes Superman seriously

Hochlin knows the kids are going to watch her shows because they’re on broadcast TV and not as intense as the Henry Cavill movies. He takes it seriously.

Tyler Hochlin | Katie U / CW

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“There is more awareness,” Hochlin said. “He’s great about the character, what I like about him is that he really captures such an impressive audience. These kids who see him as a hero and everything he stands for. That’s what really motivates me to play this role. ”

Superman fans are different from ‘Teen Wolf’ fans

Hochlin has always been a part of the show with a strong fan base Teen wolf And 7th heaven. Superman fans are different.

It’s a completely different experience when you meet someone who is a fan of a different show. It’s a different experience when it comes to someone who is a Superman fan. I think it has a lot to do with its legacy. This bus has gone so far back and many people have come to it. This is a long standing tradition of this character and what it means. It may mean that you are five years old with whom you are meeting but for dad or his mom who knows his character when he is five years old and still a fan, Such a wide range that made over decades. It’s a different kind of experience.

Tyler Hochlin, DC Fandom, 9/12/2020

Kids don’t know Tyler Hochlin is just an actor

What Hitchlin means most is that young children don’t really understand that actors play different roles. They just see him dressed as Superman.

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Superman and Lois: Tyler Hochlin
Tyler Hochlin | Katie U / CW

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“We were on set and I’ve been on set before there were fans around and they wanted to meet the actor or something,” Hochlin said. “Being there and being in the Superman trial and a parent bringing their five- and six-year-olds to this thing and saying, ‘Hey, can they meet Superman?’ This is where you feel that at that time, parents can know who you are as an actor, but for children, you are just Superman. You’re wearing a suit and they all know it. This is the awareness that changes the most when you are around your children. ”

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