Surfing: The Brazilians start with everything in the Mexico stage of surfing the world. WSL

Surfing: The Brazilians start with everything in the Mexico stage of surfing the world.  WSL

The seventh stage of the World Surfing Circuit has begun this Tuesday. And the “Brazilian Hurricane” is strong in the competition and they have started everything on the right hand side of Barra de la Cruz in Oaxaca, Mexico. Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira and Philippe Toledo have already secured straight spots for the second round without risking repechage. The first two of each heat move on to the third stage.

The current leader of the world rankings and already graded by total points for the WSL Finals, Gabriel Medina finished second in his heat. With a total of 10.13 (5.23 + 4.90), Brazil overtook Australia’s Jack Robinson with 13.83 (6.33 + 7.50) in the sixth contention of the day.

Italo Ferreira, the first champion of surfing at the Olympic Games and second in the WSL rankings, also finished second in the green-yellow heat. The guest of the stage, Matthias Herdy, was better and had a total of 14.13 (7.33 + 6.80), qualifying directly. Italo scored 13.93 (6.50 + 7.43). The other Brazilian in the Battery was Pietersen Crissanto, who finished with 13.03 (5.73 + 7.30) and will compete in repechage.

Philip Tolede WSL .  of Mexico advanced to the second round of the stage

Filipe Tolede advances to the second round of the Mexico leg of the WSL (Photo: Getty Images)

Filip Toledo also guaranteed to go straight to the second round. Ranked third in the WSL rankings, Filipinho was the first to go straight to the third leg and finished his summer in the lead, beating Jeremy Flores of France and Johnny Corzo of Mexico. Brazil scored a total of 13.46 runs.

Check batteries with the participation of Brazil

battery 2
Griffin Colapinto (USA): 11,94
Lucca Messinas (Peru): 11.73
Jadson Andre (Brazil): 9.43

battery 3
Morgan Sibilik (Australia): 10.00
Vaida River (Indonesia): 9.70
David Silva (Brasil): 8.27

battery 4
Filip Toledo (Brazil): 13.46

Jeremy Flores (France): 11.33
Johnny Corzo (Mexico): 6.87

battery 5
Mateus Herdy (Brazil): 14.13
Italo Ferreira (Brazil): 13.93
Peterson Cresanto (Brazil): 13.03

battery 6
Jack Robinson (Australia): 13.83
Gabriel Medina (Brazil): 10.13
Diego Cadena (Mexico): 7.90

battery 8
Mickey Wright (Australia): 12.73
Owen Wright (Australia): 11.80
Yago Dora (Brazil): 10.76

battery 9
Caio Ibeli (Brazil): 13.77

Frederico Morris (Portugal): 12.77
Alex Ribeiro (Brazil): 8.87

battery 11
Ethan Ewing (Australia): 15.16
Michael Borez (France): 12.40
Adriano de Souza (Brazil): 12.06

battery 12
Miguel Pupo (Brazil): 11.43

Wade Carmichael (Australia): 11.30
Seth Moniz (Hawaii): 9.96

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