Swipe With Friends is like Tinder to watch movies and watch shows

Swipe With Friends is like Tinder to watch movies and watch shows

If you have tried to watch the perfect movie or show to watch with your special someone at night, then you know that sometimes it must be more than a challenge; Often, they scroll through other people’s watch lists and then opt for cable TV for lack of judgment. Where else Someone has a good idea: What if there was an app for you and your partner, where you slide left and right on your streaming services and from movies, when you match, you know? Some people seem to have liked the idea that they created this service: their own versions of Tinder for movies and TV shows. The best group is Swipe with Friends by Reelgood.

Swipe reelgood with friends

You may have heard of ReelGood, the platform that lets you browse and search all your streaming services in one place. The company recently launched a tool called Swipe with Friends, which promises to be “Tinder for films”. Can start by going to Dedicated website – You do not even need to register for the service or install any other application.

On the website, you can share a personal link with your special person or friends and then select your services from a list consisting of all platforms available in the US and the UK. To help you refine your initial selection, you can choose the type of content (movies and / or TV shows) based on popularity / IMDB score, your preferred release year range, and more. Reelgood also claims that her recommendation algorithm suits you and helps you find relevant titles faster.

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  • Your Services Only – Reelgood Filter, U.S. And covering more than 150 streaming services in the UK, so it will only match movies and programs you can stream.
  • Fast and easy: no downloadable application, no account required. Just share a URL and you can swipe with your friends in seconds.
  • GOOD TIPS: Reelgood’s recommendation system, combined with IMDb’s scoring filters, genres, release years and more, will give you relevant titles to go through a random variety.

other services

There are more options, but in my tests, I did not find them compared to Reelgood. Sun set This is great if you don’t live in the US or UK (it also supports Canadian, German and Indian streaming catalogs), but it doesn’t compare to Reelgood when it comes to personalization. It is necessary to sign up with your email and name, only Netflix and Amazon Prime are compatible, the combination does not work correctly all the time and sometimes the service loads the wrong posters, causing yet another incorrect slide Is me

Left: go to sleep. Medium, Medium: Dinggo right: Movie synchronization.

there are also Movie sync, Dinggo, Flash partyI Scary But these services are also not as widespread as ReelGood. There is a smaller selection of streaming services, fewer filters and a less enjoyable user interface, although these options provide native Android apps.

If you and your special person are struggling to find the perfect film or show it the traditional way, then Reelgood and other sliding apps should make the process easier; There is no real excuse for rejecting a suggestion that he liked and agreed with.

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And when we’re reusing the UX dating app on Tinder Clone: ​​How do you addWhat are you hungry now?“Reelgood options with food and local delivery type to complement your movie night? Already one more application for that.

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