Sylvia WiAP was India Crococca in the soap opera ‘Uga Uga’

Sylvia WiAP was India Crococca in the soap opera ‘Uga Uga’

Federal Deputy Sylvia Viap (PL), whose mandate was revoked by the Public Ministry after accusations of using public money to finance facial reconciliation, had a career on TV before entering politics. In 2000, He starred in soap operas “Uga Uga”, was a successful film by Carlos Lombardi, in which he played the Indian Crococca, a character who stood out for his strange appearance wearing dental prostheses.

The soap opera, starring Claudio Henrique, marked Silvia’s television debut. Soon after, she participated in the miniseries “A Muralha” (2000), “A Cura” (2010) and “Dois Irmãos” (2017). In 2011, after studying theater, she made history by becoming the first indigenous person to join the Brazilian army.

Before being chosen by Amapá, Sylvia Waipi held the position of Secretary for Indigenous Health in the federal government between 2018 and 2022.

Calling of Sylvia Viapi

The Regional Electoral Court (TRE) of Amapá ordered the cancellation of the mandate of federal deputy Silvia Viap (PL). This Wednesday, the Collegiate unanimously annulled the campaign accounts of the parliamentarian, who was accused of illegal spending of public money for the 2022 elections.

The Amapá Public Electoral Ministry sent a representation to the state’s Regional Electoral Court in which a former employee of the deputy denounced the misuse of public funds. Silvia Viapí was accused of using R$9,000 – part of the money obtained from the electoral fund – to cover the costs of a beauty procedure on her face.

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