Taj | Backstage photos show the royal family at a pivotal moment

Taj |  Backstage photos show the royal family at a pivotal moment

because this . started in the catalog streaming, British series Crownhas been one of the main presentations of Netflix. The drama based on real events follows the important periods of whose reign? Elizabeth II, the current emperor on the throne of United Kingdom. With four successful seasons, the series is now on its way fifth and final year.

Because this is a complex series and a large production, the average interval between seasons – especially when there is a replacement cast – is two years. Given that the fourth year began in November 2020, Netflix already moving forward with season 5 recording of the series, which takes place in UK studios and in some locations throughout Europe.

Recently, the core which includes the relation of Charles I Diana recording the scene in the city palma, located on the island of Majorca Spain. There, the actors who will play the actual couple and their two children are constantly caught up in footage of specific scenes from the series.

In some photos developed yesterday, you can see the royal family on one of their holidays, where Diana In general took her kids to the beach house For summer activities like sand sports and speedboat rides. Check out the images:

The Crown: The Royal Family has fun in Season 5 scene (Image: Playback/SplashNews).
The Crown: A series based on the royal clothing of the Princess of Galle (Image: Reproduction/PopSugar).
Charles (Dominic West) and Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) with their children in a series scene (Image: Playback/SplashNews).
The Crown: Season 5 should go deeper into Diana’s relationship with her children (Image: Fertility/SplashNews).

5th season of Crown” set to debut in November 2022, and unreleased episodes of the original series will be available exclusively in the catalog of Netflix.

What are your hopes for the future of the series? Share them with us on our social networks, and stay tuned Sagas. About this For more information on the stage’s production and other original titles. Streaming!

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