Take out Alexa Blaise and The Find United, Kevin Owens

Take out Alexa Blaise and The Find United, Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens made a special presentation to host a version of the KO show at this week’s WWE SmackDown. Owens came out and talked about the fact that although he is a Raw star, he could be on SmackDown again after the WWE Draft. He said he interviewed someone. Can’t give a chance to which he has a lot of questions: Alexa Blaise. He said he had called Anand to respond to some of the proposals about what was happening to him and The Finde.

Owens talks about seeing this rage in Alexa and it reminds her of what she saw with Alastair Black. Alexa denied knowing what he was talking about. Owens put pressure on her, she was very happy when they met five years ago and was always trying to make people laugh.

“People change,” Anand said. He asked her, “Don’t you want to change Kevin? Get better?”

Owens said it wasn’t about his night and he wanted to know what was going on so he could find out what’s going on with Alastair Black. Anand asks if Kevin has ever been around him (The Find). He talked about how your spine is tingling and numb when he touches you. He said that when he looks into your eyes, he sees through you but you cannot see far.

“It’s like he’s brainwashed,” Owens said. He said, “Yes, I have lost my mind.” All lies have been washed away and now she sees the truth. She said she was replaced by him and cleared by him.

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Owens asked if he was there. Alexa said she’s everywhere. She said she could hear him now. He said again, “Let him in!”

The lights went out and when he returned he was in The Find Ring which was locked on Ovus with a mandible claw as Blaise looked, emotional. After Owens passed away, Finde turned and he and Bliss looked at each other. Find extended his hand towards her and she stood up and took it. Anand then turned to the camera and smiled as he made the commercial.

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