Tate Britain to cut 120 gallery jobs in a 4.8-meter cutting drive

Tate is cutting 120 roles in his gallery staff as part of a 4. 8.8 million cost-cutting exercise that he says is necessary for its survival due to the effects of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

This is the second large-scale redundancy program since the organization closed its doors in March. Tate had earlier announced that it was cutting half of its staff at its commercial arm Tate Limited.

“We now need to do what many others in our sector are doing to reduce the overall size of the Tate Gallery staff,” the statement said. “We hope that this voluntary process will help us meet these significant savings, but we cannot rule out the need for absolutism in 2021 to meet the necessary level of deduction.”

A statement from Tate’s director Maria Balsha and its chief executive Vicky Chatham said there was a need for a 12% reduction in staff, equivalent to about 120 full-time roles.

Tate faced protests when it announced 313 unwarranted withdrawals from its business ventures, with unions saying the move would affect black and minority ethnic staff in an extraordinary way, breaking its promise in the face of Black Lives Matter protests. And diversify its crew.

An open letter signed by more than 300 artists in September, including several former Turner Prize winners, supported the strike by Tate workers and demanded 10% of the ਸਰਕਾਰ 7 million in government aid to the organization to save jobs. Requested use.

Tate said passenger numbers were expected to reach about 1 million this year, instead of the 8 million previously predicted by the epidemic. “For every 10 10 we’ve been hoping to make this year, we’re only getting £ 4, and we expect to lose a total of 5 56 million ourselves,” the statement said. The statement said.

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Tate Liverpool director Helen Legg said Daily Telegraph That the income deficit in the TAT group will have a long-term effect. “We will not see a surge in our figures in the next 12 months, maybe even in the next two years. It’s about survival, “he said.

Tate’s statement said: “Reducing the size of our staff is a step we are hesitant to take. The knowledge, experience and passion of our colleagues across the Tate is at the heart of our success and is greatly appreciated. Despite this, given the impact of the epidemic on our finances, we have no choice. “

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