Tessa Thompson confirmed that she was going to Australia for the filming of “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Tessa Thompson confirmed that she was going to Australia for the filming of "Thor: Love and Thunder".

Tessa Thompson said she is ready to remake Valkyrie’s role in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, and will be moving to Australia next Monday, January 11, for a recording of the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thompson made her debut as Valkyrie, a Norse goddess, fighter and defender of Asgard, in 2017 written and directed in “Thor: Ragnarok”, written by Taika Waititi.

Since her debut, she has become a public favorite, and Tessa reprized the role of Valkyrie in “Avengers: Ultimatum”, taking part in a fight against Thanos. Thompson’s return to “Thor: Love and Thunder” was confirmed as soon as the film’s title was announced in 2019.

Now, from Amazon Prime Video, talking about their new film, “O Amore de Sylvie” Program by Jimmy Kimmel, Tessa also confirmed that she is going to Australia for a recording of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, saying that she is excited about it, because after undergoing a two-week quarantine imposed by the Australian government, She will be able to move forward. Independently across the country.

“I’m going to Australia on Monday, so in a few days”Thompson said in the interview. “People go to the cinema and have dinner. It resembles an alternate universe. I forgot what all those things are like. But yes, things are under control. When you get there, you escape the quarantine facility for 14 days while being monitored by the police, and when you leave, things are back to normal. “.

After Thompson arrived on Monday, and already many other artists in Australia made it clear that “Thor: Love and Thunder” had to be filmed. After the success of “Ragnarok” Taayka returns to Vetti to lead the new film. The fourth episode of the “Thor” franchise is one of the most ambitious films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is being described by production as a variant of “Avengers 5”, and will feature many characters from other Marvel films. Directly connected to other MCU projects.

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As you might think, the film marks the return of Chris Hemsworth in the role of Thor. Natalie Portman will also return as Jane Foster, who will pierce the Majolnir hammer this time and become Power Thor; Jamie Alexander is also expected to return as Asgardian Saif. In addition, the sequel will mark the return of several other characters who were not in the previous film. Apparently, the feature would also include “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”, reprising their roles in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, along with the cast of that second film.

After debuting as Valkyrie in 2017, Thompson reprized the role in “Avengers: Endgame”, participating in a fight against Thanos and playing the role of leader of Nova Asgard at the conclusion of the film. Thompson’s return to “Thor: Love and Thunder” was confirmed as soon as the film’s title was announced in 2019.

Now, as to how we will find Valkyrie and what role he will play in the “Thor 4” story, it is not clear enough yet, but Thompson first stated that he is still the governor of New Asgard when the story of the new film begins. is.

We will definitely find out more about “Thor: Love and Thunder” when filming begins and it will be soon, to the extent that recording is scheduled for early 2021. Of course, the film should start recording as soon as possible, if they want to reach the launch on May 6, 2022.

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