The application allows the use of FSR in any game but 1440p or 4K . not in

The application allows the use of FSR in any game but 1440p or 4K .  not in

Developer asks to implement support for higher resolutions in future updates

Recently on developer of a window magnifier application windows called magpie added a new update of the service for version 0.5.2) which brings Support for new algorithmic upscaling technology of amd, o FidelityFX Super Resolution. This allows the technology to be used in basically any PC game, But there are some limits.

software was developed by ecstasy To enlarge the window in full screen using various zoom algorithms, designed for situations where Full screen mode cannot be enabled normally or there is a loss of image quality when using it. Now that the tool has implemented FSR, it should theoretically be possible to implement this feature in any game.

To use FSR with Magpie, simply download the latest version (0.5.2) of the software from this link and apply it to your game that does not natively support FidelityFX Super Resolution. Remember this is a third-party app that we haven’t tested, try it at your own risk.

The Magpie developer shared some important information about using FSR in games from within the tool. He explains that the algorithm, implemented as post-processing, can show a lot of noise in the image depending on the situation. other than this, Function 1440p and 4K. e.g. may not support higher resolution, which limits the ability of an FSR to produce better results at higher resolutions.

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Blineau also states that, in some situations, Technology can use up too much of your PC’s resources And not giving any improvement in performance. For these and other reasons it is recommended that you use the natively implemented FSR in every game, but some titles rely on today’s technology.

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Despite all these questions, which may discourage the reader, the developer also shared a comparison with an image 1080p original and one that was 720p and FSR . was boosted to 1080p using. He also said that Possibly version 0.7 in the future. plans to add support for 1440p and 4K resolutions.

1080p native (Image: Blineau)

720p boosted to 1080p with FSR (Image: Blineau)

Blineau also pointed out that lossless scaling (another app that brings a feature similar to Megapie) also brought FSR in a recent update. You can currently buy Lossless Scaling on Steam for R$ 10.89 from this link here.

Via: Tom’s Hardware Source: GitHub (Chinese)

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