The ax used by Jack Nicholson in the movie goes up for auction for $260,000


This Friday (22) is about Jack Nicholson, the birthday boy of the day, whose name is back in the limelight not only because of his coming to life at 85, full of many adventures, but also of the movies that Whose combined income exceeds this figure of US$3.1 billion (R$14.8 billion), but also because of a certain axe, which the star used in the scene of his biggest cinematographic hit, the psychological thriller “The Shining”.

Adapted for the big screen by Diane Johnson and Stanley Kubrick, who also directed it in 1980, the film did not win over particular critics of the time, but delighted the public and did well at the box office, earning US$1 billion. 165 million earned. R$ 787 million) with ticket sales at updated prices.

As time went on, “The Shining” gained more and more “cult” air and even in 2018, the United States Library of Congress records due to its “cultural, historical and aesthetic significance”. got involved. Art.

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In the production, Nicholson played the hotel janitor Jack Torrence, who gradually becomes aggressive and dangerous, prone to attack others with axes and the like. Considered one of the greatest villains in the history of American cinema, Torrence was again in the news this week because the lumberjack device he keeps for most of the tape is now up for auction on the American website “Gotta Have Rock and Roll”. in disputed. In which he had set his initial bid at 55 thousand US dollars (R $ 262.3 thousand).

Another ax used by Nicholson in the filming of “The Shining” was recently auctioned with a final bid of US$209,000 (R$997,000).

Retired from 2017, Nicholson decided to end his career in Hollywood as his growing memory kept him from memorizing scripts. But also because, with a net worth of US$400 million (R$1.9 billion) and an enviable filmography, he thought it was time to stop doing the things he loved and enjoy life. , like watching matches in loco. of the Los Angeles Lakers, the basketball team he is a fan of, whenever an NBA team plays at his Los Angeles Arena gym.

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