The Beatles are named after a trio of famous Pokémon birds.

Besouros são nomeados em homenagem ao trio de pássaros lendários de Pokémon

Pokémon They are animals inspired by animals, and now, in a twist of fate, some animals are earning the name Pokémon.

Three new species of beetles were found in Australia, and the researchers responsible for their study named them in honor of the famous trio of first-generation Pocket Monsters.

Dr. The document, written by Darren Pollak and PhD student Yun Hsiao, was published in December 2020 at the Canadian Entomologist. Pollock reports on how they came up with the names in an interview. Eastern New Mexico University, Stating that Hisia was a huge fan of Pokémon and suggested names because of the beetle’s rarity:

Yun said that when he was younger, he was an aspiring Pokemon trainer, and therefore, due to the rarity of samples of three new species, he suggested that we name him in honor of three great Pokémon birds.

Three beetles were formed just like this Binbarrum Artikuno, Binbum moltress I Binburum zapdos.

Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos Beetle versions, respectively

Pollack further indicated that we may have more beetles with Pokemon names:

We already have plans to describe more new species of this class that appeared after we finished the document, perhaps with more Pokémon names.

In January, Hsiao celebrated Bluntly, Commenting on the choice of names due to their rarity.

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