The best sex neutral fashion from high street and sustainable brands

The best sex neutral fashion from high street and sustainable brands

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If you’ve been anywhere near the internet this week, you’ve probably seen the pictures Latest Harry style photoshoot.

As the first lone male cover star for Vogue US, Harry Styles really made an impact.

Dressed in kilts, skirts and jewelry in Gucci’s ballgowns and tuxedo jackets and other photos for the cover shot from the shoot, Stiles blurred the boundaries between men’s and women’s fashion with their gender neutral dressing.

Even Beyonc ((yes, That Beyonc)) is on the trend, her latest Ivy Park X Adidas collection includes jumpsuits, dresses, shoes and more that are designed with everyone in mind, regardless of gender.

There is a good reason for this. Gender neutral clothing has become more popular in recent years, especially in Generation Z, who are more open about gender and sexuality.

In fact, according to a 2016 survey conducted by The Innovation Group, only 44 percent of people in Generation Z said they ‘always buy clothes tailored to their gender’.

Clearly, the ‘candy’ and ‘nodes’ of fashion are being broken down, so most people who are looking to dress up feel good, regardless of gender categories.

But how can you keep yourself in trend? Well, independent and sustainable brands and even some high street chains have their own gender neutral lines, offering a whole range of locations.

Here are some great places to shop online for gender neutral clothing.


The gender neutral offerings of ASOS Design X Glade End include floral coordination.

Good old trusted ASOS really has something for everyone. The collaboration between its own ASOS design label and Glade is no different.

With everything from basic tees to lingerie sets and colorful coordinates on offer, this collection is an affordable and stylish way to start purchasing gender neutral pieces.

Buy the collection at ASOS.

U.S.Get out

UNIQLO has the main gender neutral pieces in tonal colors.

Uniclo’s gender neutral line is filled with different staples, T-shirts and jumpers are available in many fall colors.

Buy Uniclo.

Lucy and the Yak

Lucy and Yak are best known for their unisex dungeons in a variety of patterns and colors.

Ethical, resilient brand Lucy & Yak is probably best known for its brightly colored dungarees, although this fun fashion brand also offers gender neutral t-shirts, boilersuits and outerwear.

Buy Lucy and the Yak online.


Worth London offers inexpensive sex neutral clothing options.

With a wide range of furniture, jewelry and home furnishings, Worth sells a London Unisex fashion sale, with everything from tote bags to sunglasses to face masks on offer, the much-anticipated T-shirt. -With shirts, jumpers and socks.

Buy Worth London Shop Online.


GFW's colorful gender neutral shirt was modeled by the man outside.

GFW’s gender neutral shirts are designed with the whole body in mind.

Independent clothing brand GFW proudly manufactures clothing without the old labels, and instead provides shirts, T-shirts and even underwear that fit the body instead of ‘men’s’ or ‘women’s’. Adapts to a variety of

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