The Best Texture Pack for Minecraft 

The Best Texture Pack for Minecraft 

Minecraft is a unique game. It provides a lot of opportunities for self-expression. And when you think that the game has reached its limits, you can always mod it and expand it almost infinitely. 

Besides, the game is compatible with all actual platforms and systems. Therefore, the best os for gaming pc for Minecraft is the one that you use right now. Each new update makes it easier to modify and expand Minecraft. 

If you are looking to change the visual aesthetics of the game and make it look fresh, you may find texture packs a viable option. In this list, we’ve collected various texture packs which will help to transform your Minecraft world into something special. 

How to Install Texture Packs 

A brief note before going to the actual texture packs. You need to use the Java edition of Minecraft. If you play on the Bedrock edition, then you should install another client. Besides, some texture packs do not support the latest version of the game. Therefore, it would be wise to keep one or two previous versions of Minecraft just in case. 

Take into consideration that in an online game, texture packs will be visible to everyone if you’ve created a server and hosted it. 

The installation guide: 

  • Download a texture pack you want 
  • Open the Minecraft’s launcher 
  • Select a stable version of the game, Java edition 
  • Click “Play” 
  • Select ‘Option” in the game menu 
  • Navigate to the “Resource Packs” section 
  • Then, click “Open Resource Packs”
  • Place the texture packs you’ve downloaded into the folder. Both archived and unarchived texture packs will work. 
  • Drag the resources to the right column to make them in-game. 
  • That’s it. You may enjoy your new texture packs. 
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The Best Minecraft Texture Packs 


Quadral is a perfect choice if you want to make the game look fresh but don’t want to change anything drastically. It has softer and more colorful textures for all of the objects. Besides, it has a Minecraft native 16×16 resolution. 

Quadral is compatible with the mode “Biome O’Plenty.” You can explore even more regions with a soft and inviting Quadral style.


Another texture pack with slight changes. Faithful expands the standard 16×16 resolution of textures into 32×32. It is a small tweak, but it makes the game look so much better. The blocks become rounder, grass and trees smoother, and any other object looks more appealing.

Faithful is a nice texture pack if you like the original Minecraft style and want to enhance it just a bit. 


Anemoia is a very unearthly texture pack. It adds a lot of purples, deep blue, and green to the game’s palette. The texture pack creates the feeling of adventure in an underwater kingdom, even when you’re standing on solid ground. 

Anemoia has a distinct, cartoonish look, making it one of the most appealing Minecraft texture packs. 

Good Vibes 

Good Vibes smoothes as many corners as possible. This texture pack transforms your survival adventure into a land of cute creatures and bright blocks. Even dreadful night monsters look adorable with this texture pack. 

Good Vibes is a nice choice for a relaxing session and the creation of something peaceful. 

Mizunos 16 Craft 

From bright and cheerful to dark and rustic. Mizunos 16 Craft makes the palette of the game a bit darker. The texture pack tends to be more realistic looking. It is a good choice for making a fine-looking medieval castle. It will work well with mods that add feudal items to the game. 

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The texture pack even turns alien-looking villagers into bears that contribute to the grounded aesthetics. 

Annahstas Beastrinia

Annahstas Beastrinia is a texture pack that strives to emulate Pokemon aesthetics. To be more precise – Pixelmon. It goes with 32×32 resolution and focuses on low saturated сolors. Each bookcase contains a Pokeball. 

Annahstas Beastrinia creates a cartoonish vibe for your Minecraft world and makes you feel like you are on a real adventure to catch them all. 


This texture pack does not differ much from the vanilla Minecraft look. It has native 16×16 resolution and a bit warmer colors. However, this texture pack is distinct due to the creatures’ reskins. 

Each mob in the game received a more individual look. Cattle animals look cozier and monsters more dangerous. A good texture pack to make your Minecraft world look alive. 


Sapixcraft is an extremely versatile texture pack. You can visit its official website and choose the resolution from 32x up to 512x. It has vibrant colors and makes each block distinguishable. Besides, Sapixcraft has a Christmas update with a lot of new items for Winter festivities. 


Jolicraft is one of the long-lasting fan favorites texture packs. There’s nothing extremely special about this texture pack. At the same time, the whole image becomes bigger than the sum of its pieces. 

This texture pack has warm colors, rounder corners of blocks, and a more cheerful design of everything. Playing with Jolicraft feels like a walk on a summer beach. 

Bloom, Bright, and Retro

Bloom, Bright and Retro texture pack successfully emulates the style of retro Nintendo games. It has vibrant, saturated colors and low resolution for all of the textures. As a result, you feel immersed in an old-school NES game.

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Besides, it has an add-on with Master Sword, just to make the experience complete. 


Another texture pack that brings back good old times. It has a retro colour palette and chunky, black edges on all of the blocks. In combination, they create the effect of diving into an old 2D game. The original author of the texture pack stopped the work on it. However, it keeps receiving updates due to the enthusiasts who make the dream real. 

Epic Adventures 

Epic Adventures is a fine-looking texture pack with 32×32 resolution textures. It makes the nature around look more realistic and yet stay within the Minecraft style. Nightsky, moon, and woods look just amazing with this texture pack. 

If you feel adventurous and want to create the feeling of a true RPG quest, then Epic Adventures will work perfectly. 


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