‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parsons says he never said Season 13

The Big Bang Theory Fans say goodbye to the gang after the 12th season. 12 years is a good race, and you can still get Sheldon fixed Young Sheldon. However, it turns out that the 13th season was not out of the question. Jim Parsons says he never really turned down another season.

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Appeared on Parsons HFPA in conversation Podcast for discussion September 23 The boys in the bandThat Netflix will be on September 30th. Here’s what he said about doing another season The Big Bang Theory.

Jim Parsons was ready to move on from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ sooner or later

E.g. The Big Bang Theory Entering Season 12, Parsons was getting worse. He was able to fit Bands in boys In the previous season. 12 Nevertheless, there were other occasions when the performance clashed.

I was doing other things but there was something about his time. I realized there was something, I doubted, and I still doubt, a lot of other things I want to do. It’s not going to fit into all the summer breaks we’ve had The Big Bang, As wonderful as I was at the time. I knew who I was, to keep exploring and traveling on the path, as an individual, but as an actor, especially in that case, I needed to ask for more of my time back.

Jim Parsons, HFPA in conversation Podcast, 9/23/2020

Jim Parsons was fine with finishing ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Season 12

However, Parsons never canceled the 13th season Big Bang Theory He didn’t want too much.

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The Big Bang
LR: Kunal Nair, Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galkey. CBS by Michael Yarish / Getty Images

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“I don’t mean that badly, because I loved every event,” Parsons said. “I really did, but I didn’t get the chance to play anymore. See, it was a wonderful thing. I’m sure a lot of people hear that and they say, ‘I don’t get a kick out of my job.’ I got it all. In this way it is a different situation. ”

If anyone had asked, they would have done Season 13

by the time The Big Bang Theory After all, everyone in the cast was being paid well. It would have been very expensive to upgrade, but the show also made a lot of money. Parsons said he was convinced the whole cast would have considered an offer, but no one had ever done so.

“I am sure they would have done more seasons The Big Bang If only we could agree as a group, “said Parsons. “The fact is, we never really got any offers. So there was never a moment when I didn’t really say money or contract. There was nothing. ”

The Big Bang Theory is still alive

They may not be making new episodes The Big Bang Theory, But you can still see it in syndication every day.

“It’s really a strange way of life,” Parsons said. “It was something I felt for many years, not just about my character, but about the performance in general. All of us who worked on the show no longer strangely claimed that the audience did, and those who loved and watched it. Part of it was that we could never have that place because we were making sausages. However, some of this has to do with the fact that when a show lasts a long time and is successful and connects with people, it becomes their property. “

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Jim Parsons and Johnny Galeki
Johnny Galeki and Jim Parsons | CBS by Michael Yarish / Getty Images

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So The Big Bang Fans, Sheldon is yours now.

“I feel very determined, especially since it’s been over a year now,” Parsons said. “Sheldon’s character is his property. Obviously I have a very unique relationship with that character. Everyone has a unique relationship with a character that I can’t fully see, that I can’t fully understand. This is a beautiful thing. I don’t know if I had any other way to be honest with you. I don’t want responsibility he will continue to do business without helping me. ”

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