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Los Angeles firefighters responded to reports of smoke billowing from the ‘Equalizer 2’ actor’s multi-level property in Beverly Park Circle on Wednesday night, November 11.

Aceshobiz – An emergency recently occurred Denzel WashingtonHome of Beverly Crest in Los Angeles. On Wednesday night, November 11, the fire was extinguished. The crew responded to reports of smoke billowing from a property belonging to the two-time Oscar-winning actor.

Officials told CBSLA that smoke could be seen coming from the second floor of a four-story palace in the first block of Beverly Park Circle. However, the situation did not appear to be serious as there was no fire. Live footage gave a glimpse into the aerial view of the property, showing no signs of danger, while first responders’ vehicles can be seen gathering just outside the building.

Extinguished fires in both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The department responded to the reports. The triple Los Angeles fire is said to have been extinguished. The office and a Beverly Hills crew are searching for a fire in the walls of a 29,000-square-foot home with thermal imaging cameras.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said in a statement that the investigation is focused on one of the many home furnaces that may have been serviced recently. According to the LAFD, everyone in the house was evacuated, and no injuries were reported.

It was not immediately clear if Denzel lived in the house or inside the property when the incident happened. The 65-year-old actor’s representative, Alan Nirob, confirmed, “There is no fire and everyone is fine and safe.”

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Meanwhile, fans have expressed relief that the situation has not become serious. One person tweeted in response to the news, “Denzel is a great friend, it wasn’t too serious. Another commented, “Looks like it’s okay.”

Denzel was last seen in the film.Equalizer.“, In which he repeated his role as Robert McCall. He produced an upcoming Netflix movie.”Ma Rainy’s black bottom“Starring Viola DavisWho also became a late actor Chadwick BosmanThe final film.

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