The British government halted the fee funding the BBC and abolished it in 2027

The British government halted the fee funding the BBC and abolished it in 2027

a British Culture Minister Nadine Dorries, whose ministry is responsible for the BBC, said in a message posted to the social network Twitter this morning that her announcement was “the last” to be made regarding the annual fee to be paid by those Those who own TV or watch BBC via the Internet and who finance the broadcaster.

Gone are the days when elders were threatened with arrest and inspectors knocked on doors [de casa], Now is the time to discuss new ways to finance, support and sell great British content,” the minister wrote.

According to the Sunday Mail, the rate stabilizes, which currently costs £159 (€190) per year, and its gradual disappearance will cost the state station over £2,000 million (€2,400 million) over the next three years. Will be forced to save more. ) in that period.

While the current BBC deal expires on December 31, 2027, if the Conservatives remain in power, the idea is to eliminate the fee in order to have a new funding model, similar to the current subscription services of television giants such as Netflix or the Amazon Prime platform. is close to. ,

The announcement is part of the offensive that Boris Johnson’s government is preparing to regain its popularity among the British, greatly hampered by the revelation of several parties held in Downing Street (the prime minister’s official residence), during the pandemic and Despite social restrictions in place.

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