The BYD partnership with bodybuilder Alexander Dennis brings a new version of the double decker to the UK

The BYD partnership with bodybuilder Alexander Dennis brings a new version of the double decker to the UK
The new double-decker bus is smaller, but the design allows battery placement to provide optimal weight distribution

One of the new features of the new Enviro400EV model is the shorter wheelbase, which guarantees better handling in narrower parts of central London.


BYD and its partner Alexander Dennis Ltd (ADL) of the United Kingdom (UK) present a new version of the BYD ADL Enviro400EV double-decker bus.

The partnership, today the nation’s largest electric bus manufacturer, brings a more compact wheelbase as an innovation in the new model – with 10.3 meters in length, it will increase vehicle mobility in traffic on congested roads and tight curves.

BYD ADL launched the standard Enviro400EV model in 2019 with 10.9 meters. More than 450 units of this version have already been sold to operators in London and other cities of the United Kingdom.

With the new version 10.3 meters in length, reducing the wheelbase by 50 cm, operators will have the benefit of improved mobility on routes in the city center, such as those found in the capital London.

BYD’s R&D team in the United Kingdom is responsible for developing the new 10.3-meter chassis, which meets the government’s requirements in a commitment to take zero-emission transport to cities across the country.

The BYD team works closely with ADL body engineers, which ensured that battery placement provided an optimal weight distribution, while power remained available to guarantee autonomy for a full day of operation.

ADL President Paul Davis said bus companies across the UK move to electric buses with the support of national and local government.The BYD and ADL partnership is preparing to ‘make it in the UK’ with a full assembly of electric buses at our facilities here in the country, where it will benefit our local communities, develop skills and secure jobs here in the country.

Davis further stated that “The new short wheelbase option for our 100% electric double decker bus further guarantees that operators can rely on us for buses suited to their needs and the best after-sales support in their category.“.

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For BYD UK managing director Frank Thorpe, this latest double-decker bus model showcases the close collaboration between the two companies in the UK. “And our ability to develop vehicles that meet the demands of more and more operators who want to make the transition to electrification“.

Thorpe says the new 10.3-meter model provides benefits for public transport operators with greater volumes of passengers in the profile of congested and restricted routes. “BYD ADL Enviro400EV offers passengers a very safe, quiet, comfortable and emission-free public transport solution”, He completed.

ADL is a subsidiary of leading independent global bus manufacturer NFI Group Inc. (NFI), while BYD is a global leader in battery, power management and electric mobility.

Alexandre Pellegi, Specialist Journalist in Transport

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