The Chancellor of Iran says that the time to return to the US nuclear deal is coming to an end – Money Times

The Chancellor of Iran says that the time to return to the US nuclear deal is coming to an end - Money Times
In a statement from the European Policy Center Study Organization, Zarif reiterated Tehran’s long-standing demand that Washington first comply with sanctions to comply with sanctions (image: Russia’s disclosure through the Foreign Ministry / REUTERS)

you The us Must work quickly to revive the nuclear deal Will, Because as the Iranian presidential election period begins, it is unlikely that much will happen by the end of the year, Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said on Monday.

In a statement by the European Policy Center’s study organization, Zarif reiterated Tehran’s long-standing demand that Washington abide by the agreement by re-suspending sanctions first.

Former american president Donald Trump Abandoned the agreement known as the JCPOA, according to which Iran accepts the limits of its nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions – but Washington has since responded to the sanctions, and Tehran violated some of the terms of the treaty Has responded by doing.

President of the United States, Joe Biden, Intends to restart the agreement, but Tehran and Washington want the other side to stick to the first again.

“Used to make concessions to Europeans. Iran and the United States are not. Americans are used to impose themselves, and we are used to protest, ”said Zarif. “So now it’s time to decide: Are we both going to make concessions and go back to JCPOAA, or are we going to be back on our way?”

Zarif said he saw no change between the Biden administration and the Trump administration’s maximum pressure policy to bring Iran back to the negotiating table, and he sees no reason to hold preliminary talks because the U.S. “Irrelevant” is demanding.

He said, “There is a time limit, as soon as we go to our elections, it is a government that can form a government without any function, which will not be able to do anything serious, and then we have about six months. There will be a waiting period. ” For the presidential election to be held on 18 June.

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