The church says Hilsong East Coast and Justin Bieber’s pastor Carl Lentz were killed for “moral failures.”

The church says Hilsong East Coast and Justin Bieber's pastor Carl Lentz were killed for "moral failures."

NEW YORK (RNS) – Hillsong’s founding pastor Brian Houston informed staff and Hillsong East Coast members via email Wednesday afternoon (November 4) that Carl Lentz has been named pastor to replace Megachurch’s New York City. Has been removed from the post.

The email, which was received by the Religion Release Service, said the reason for the termination was “a breach of leadership issues and trust, and a recent revelation of moral failures.”

“I know this will come as a shock to you, but please note that this action was not taken lightly and was in the interest of all, including Pastor Carl,” Houston wrote. Written

“Please understand that it would not be appropriate for us to go into detail about the events that led to this decision. However, you can be sure that the decision was made to honor God and to take care of your East Coast family, Pastor Carl and his family, “Houston added.

In one Statement Houston posted on the church site Wednesday evening, repeating much of the initial email but praising Lentz’s work in Hilong and said he was grateful for the years of Lantz’s service and that his wife gave Hilsong NYC.

“He has a heart for the people and we are confident that after a time of rest and restoration, God will use Carl in some other way outside of Hillsong Church. We do not want to diminish his good deeds in any way by ending his tenure, ”the statement said.

Houston also assured readers that the ministry would “continue as usual” and that the leadership team was “praying that God would bring a new season to our church and the region.”

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Lentz, 41, was one of the many pastors of GKQ magazine Told Church leaders are often referred to as “hyperists.” Friends and groups include Justin Bieber and his wife Haley Baldwin Bieber and the Jenner sisters.

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Lentz started Hillsong NYC, the first Hillsong East Coast Church, in 2010 with Huston’s son Joel. Chills, part of the global network of Healing churches, immediately drew attention to the long “wait” lines on Sunday. Morning – and waiting for the population in those lines. The worshipers who came there – such as their leading pastor – were dressed as young men, hips and others as they marched from the church to a rock ceremony on Sunday morning. In fact, their location, Irving Plaza Manhattan’s Grammar Lost. In, there was a church during the day and the hall of worship at night.

Lentz, who was relatively unaware of Hilansang before enlisting the help of NYC, drew attention to his hipster outfit, his tattooed arms and the main media outlets of his famous group, including Justin Bieber, which according to GK G , Was baptized in the bathtub by the pastor Tyson Chandler, then a Nick player from New York.

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Lentz was raised in Virginia and played basketball in the state of North Carolina, where he described New York York Post He was “doing my own thing, he went to Los Angeles to attend King’s College and Seminary, then went to Australia to attend Hillsong’s training program, Hillsong College, where he met his wife Laura.” According to the report, he worked in the youth ministry in Virginia Beach before moving to Hillsong’s first US startup in Brooklyn’s Trendy Williamsburg neighborhood.

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“While I have no doubt in my heart that this is the right way, I must mention Bobby and my sadness, because we love Laura for the rest of her life and Carl,” Stun wrote in his letter. We have known each other well for 20 years.

Pastor Brian and Bobby Houston founded the original Hillsong Church in 1983 in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. It now has locations in 28 countries around the world and, according to its epidemiological website, 150 breasts attend 150,000 every week.

Hilsong is also known for its popular worship music and conferences.

Neither Hilsang nor Carl Lentz responded immediately to requests for comment.

This story is breaking and will be updated.

Emily McFarlane Miller contributed to this report.

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