The delta version of Covid-19 gained traction and tightened restrictions around the world. World

The delta version of Covid-19 gained traction and tightened restrictions around the world.  World

The transmission of the delta version accelerates around the world, forcing authorities to tighten sanitary restrictions. China has started implementing local confinement. In Australia, soldiers on the streets ensure that restrictive measures are respected. And, in Japan, a state of emergency has been extended in the midst of the Olympic Games being held.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Documents (CDC), the delta version of the coronavirus is as contagious as chickenpox, possibly causing more severe illness than the previous one, and vaccination cases can be as contagious. , as in uninfected people. Washington Post.

CDC says delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox

CDC says delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox

New European research suggests that easing anti-virus measures before vaccinating entire populations increases the risk of more resistant strains emerging. At a time when 60% of Europeans received at least one dose, the study authors highlight the need to maintain restrictive measures until everyone is fully vaccinated.

According to a calculation by the AFP news agency, new daily Covid-19 cases around the world rose by an average of 10% in the past week. The increase is due, in large part, to the highly contagious delta variant. While the Asia-Pacific region was heavily affected, Western countries also suffered a sudden increase, with Vietnam and Japan reporting a daily increase of 61% of cases, and the United States and Canada reporting 57% more infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the delta variant could trigger more outbreaks in a high-risk region stretching from Morocco to Pakistan, where vaccination rates are low.

China, Japan and Australia

In China, a new outbreak threatens a ‘zero COVID’ policy, with cases spreading from Nanjing to five provinces and the capital Beijing for the first time in six months. Hundreds of thousands were once again imprisoned in Jiangsu province, while 41,000 were ordered to stay at home in Beijing’s Changping district.

In Japan, the number of cases remains low compared to other countries, with Tokyo recording 3,300 new infections on Friday, but experts say the medical system is at risk of saturation due to low levels of vaccination: One quarter is the complete vaccination cycle. Organizers of the Olympic Games reported new cases linked to the event this Friday (27), the highest daily figure ever.

In Australia, Sydney police will get 300 soldiers to help enforce restrictions in the country’s largest city (5 million residents), where the number of infections hit a record last Thursday (29).

Americans who have been vaccinated should return wearing masks to areas where more cases of COVID-19 are identified. And to boost vaccination, President Joe Biden urged local officials to pay $100 for the first-ever vaccinations. In Europe, where many countries are facing the fourth wave, there is also a change being seen. In Spain, curfew has been extended in parts of Barcelona and Catalonia. From Sunday (01), Germany will normalize the obligation to introduce an anti-Covid test for unvaccinated tourists when entering the country.

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