The facelift of the home of; Remember 7 Old Versions That Will Make You Travel Back in Time!

The facelift of the home of;  Remember 7 Old Versions That Will Make You Travel Back in Time!

If you started using the Internet at the turn of the millennium, chances are you learned to surf using a dial-up connection, a white computer, and good old tube monitors.

Meme with Claudia Ria in the soap opera ‘Torre de Babel’, 1998 – Photo: Reproduction / Internet

Since then, things have changed a lot, but something remains the same: Brazilians are informed through habit. The largest homepage in the country was created in 2000 and evolved along with the Internet.

Pages, which brings together the most important things going on in the world, received a revamped version this Friday, 8/13, with updated visual language, more fluid and interactive navigation, new content formats, and new features.

The new version of the home page — Photo: Fabio Rocha/Globo

“What we are doing now is more than just relaunching the product, it is also the beginning of a new era in which Globo’s digital showcase will be in rapid motion”, says Thaisa Coelho, Head of Product.

And do you remember what it looks like in the last decades? So get ready for a dose of nostalgia and step into this time machine.

back to the past! – Photo: reproduction / Internet

Dollars at $1.82 and Chat to Make Friends Online! That was root internet!

Home of in May 2000 — Photo:

With a different layout, the house brought news about the premiere of the soap opera “hey clone“Osama bin Laden and the 2002 World Cup Qualifier!

Home of in October 2001 — Photo:

Highlight for Laura (Claudia AbreuTerrorizing the Life of Maria Clara Diniz (shame mother) In “famous person“!

The home of in April 2004 — Photo:

Another layout of the house shows Brazil’s debut in the German Cup. One thing hasn’t changed: We’re still in favor of Hex today!

Home of in June 2006 — Photo:

Talking about the Hexa, Flamengo won its title in the Brazilian Championship.”in the time of the emperor“Adriano.’s home in December 2009 — Photo:

Here we have a historic day: Carminha (Adriana Esteves) found that Nina (Deborah Falabella) and Rita were the same person “Brazil Avenue“. cover of, it’s clear.

Home of in July 2012 — Photo:

This was the previous version of the home page, the day the WHO declared the new pandemic status. coronavirus. It seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Home of in March 2020 — Photo:

And finally we come to the latest version, with new graphics, images with rounded corners and better navigability. Home — Photo: Globo

What’s up? Have you ever browsed all these versions?

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