The film shows interactions between some actors and several real characters – Ovalle

The film shows interactions between some actors and several real characters - Ovalle

Chinese Chloe Zhao was the first woman in 37 years to win the Best Director award at the Golden Globes. In 2021, he won the award for the film Nomadland. He also took the statue as the best drama film, which is the main category of the award. In addition, she was the first Asian woman to achieve this feat. Before that, Barbara Strisand won the title in 1984.

The feature film is the third work of a Chinese director, who has already worked in ‘The Eternals’. The work was adapted from a book written by another woman: journalist Jessica Bruder, author of ‘Nomadland: Surviving America’.

The story is based on real events, which lost homes and jobs in the United States at the beginning of the decade and started living like nomads. Even in the film, many of the characters are real unlike the actors, which adds even more true air to the plot.

I especially want to thank the nomads for sharing their stories with us. “Mercy is breaking all barriers between us – a heart-to-heart connection. Your pain is my pain; We are mixed and shared between us. That’s why I fell in love with making films and telling stories”.

A fan of Marvel films, Zhao was also inspired by ‘The Avengers’, from the beginning of this decade, to produce the feature. “I was going to do something that featured that time, which was in late 2011 and early 2012, and the Avengers was the biggest film of the time. It was also that my fascination with the MCU began, and it also shows that Fern is displaced from the life with which we are familiar, ”he said.

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The film shows interactions between some actors and several real characters.

Verb. Actress Frances McDormand chose Fern as the name of the character she played in ‘Nomad’ as it is similar to her own name. Thus, according to him, it would be possible to have an even more intimate relationship with the actual characters, who starred with him in a feature film produced by Chloe Zhao, winner of the Golden Globe for Best Director and Best Drama Film. According to Francis, knowing how to interact with people who had lost everything was the greatest lesson within the plot. “I learned that the biggest thing is to keep your mouth shut and listen. And I’ve been practicing for a long time. The film was about listening to his story and not trying to tell me,” he said in an interview, shed light on. The solidarity between these nomadic people who started living on the streets and in groups, one always trying to help the other.

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