The first plant species of 2022 honors actor Leonardo DiCaprio

The first plant species of 2022 honors actor Leonardo DiCaprio

In a news item that promises to upset many and make others happy, the first new plant species of 2022 was named UvariosisdicaprioIn honor of American actor Leonardo DiCaprio (47). The species in question is a tree about four meters (metres) tall, located in Cameroon’s Ebo Forest, where the Hollywood star once practiced environmental activism.

The species was discovered by scientist Lorna McKinnon from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, UK. In February 2020, Leonardo DiCaprio – through the NGO “Re:Wild”, of which he is one of the founders – managed to revoke a logging license that would cut down much of the forest. The area is home to the Ebo Wilderness Reserve, which will be affected by the action of felling trees by the private sector.


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a dicaprio uvirosis Was discovered in a forest in Cameroon, and is already classified as one of the most endangered in the world. The tree is named after American actor Leonardo DiCaprio (Image: Lorna McKinnon, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew / via handout)

“We really appreciate the support Leo extended during the Ebo protection campaign last year. [2020], so it felt right to honor him in this way by naming a unique species for this forest,” said Dr. Martin Cheek, senior head of research at the Garden. And get lost in the slash-and-burn agriculture that usually follows this type of permit.”

The Ebo Forest is best known for wildlife efforts, given the number of species unique to the region, but not so popular in terms of plant protection. The NGO Re:Wild wants to change that and has several partnerships – such as a global initiative coordinated by the San Diego Zoo in California, as well as the National Herbarium of Cameroon. For at least 20 years, the forest has been protected by various organizations.

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According to the Botanical Garden, uvirosis story, with its four meters and greenish-yellow leaves, is a member of the “Ylangu-Ylangu” family, which is also known as “Cananga odorata” and can reach 20 meters in height. Unfortunately, at the time of its discovery, the tree species was already classified as “critically endangered”, which puts it at a very high risk of complete extinction. This is because, despite all environmental efforts, the area where it grows still does not have sustainable ecological protection.

In other words: an exploration concession that has been canceled today may be restarted or even given a new way tomorrow, and decisions to preserve it are still certainly not valid.

a paper containing research details about dicaprio uvirosis Scientific journal PeerJ. was published in, Leonardo DiCaprio can be seen in his latest work don’t look up – Currently showing on Netflix.

The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew press release also lists the top 10 discoveries made by its scientists in 2021, including an herb called “periwinkle.”filbertia woody), which produces fruit and which may have medicinal value; a mushroom (hydelum woody) with teeth instead of gills; One flower Barleria (B. thunbergiflora) with a very clear and unique blue color and, among other discoveries, 16 new orchids – including one known as a “ghost”, which only grows in environments of complete darkness.

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