The first single player expansion of ‘Gears 5’ will start next week

The first single player expansion of ‘Gears 5’ will start next week

Microsoft has unveiled the first single player expansion Gears 5 Known as Hivebusters and available as soon as next week.

Gears 5: Hibbsters All Xbox game passes on PC, Xbox One and Xbox series consoles will be released on December 15 as a free download for Ultimate members. Anyone who is not can purchase the expansion separately for 19.99 USD Gears 5: Game of the Year edition Which launches on the same day.

New content is expected to be marked “cap off” upon re-release Xbox Wire The post features a game-escape mode with a three-hour campaign – Lehni, Keegan and Mac. Players can deal with a single or maximum of three players in the campaign, as the narrative revolves around the first mission in the Hubbuster program and Gears of War: Hivebuster Graphic novel series.

A new trailer provided the first look Gears 5: Hibbsters, Displaying a tongue-in-cheek style that is missing from previous entries. Various locations such as majestic seas and dense forests were depicted as the backdrop to the chaotic action, with the team finally given the task of confronting before revealing a new swarm enemy type.

Watch the trailer below:

Along with the new content, the expansion will also include 16 new achievements, totaling 210 earning gamerscores.

Gears 5: Hibbsters The multiplayer partition resumes a few weeks later Operation 5: Hollow Storm. The multiplayer update aims to improve the player base with new weapons, maps, characters and a variety of quality of life.

The single player campaign also received an update as the fan’s favorite character was changed to Marcus Phoenix. Guardian of the Galaxy Star Dave Bautista, complete with similarities and voice work.

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Gears 5 Operates one of the biggest headlines ever in the Xbox series as follows Halo InfinityDelay. However, developer 343 Industries has said that a “high-level update” will come in the next few weeks.

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