The five best new movies to watch on Netflix

The five best new movies to watch on Netflix

There are great and recent options in Netflix’s catalog. hey metros Separated five options for you to enjoy

dog attack

The admired and feared farmer Phil Burbank has been tormenting his brother’s wife and their son. But everything changes when he opens his heart for love.

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a crush for christmas

Judging by his family for being unmarried, Peter (Michael Urie) convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pretend to be her boyfriend over Christmas dinner. The plan fails when Peter’s mother (Kathy Najimi) invites the handsome James (Luke MacFarlane) to introduce her son.

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cassette tape

On the eve of the year 2000, orphan Beverly Moody (Gemma Brooke Allen), 12, finds a broken tape recorded by her teenage parents. Raised by grandmother Gail (Julie Bowen), who was also a very young mother and dislikes talking about her dead daughter, Beverly sees the tapes as an opportunity to learn more about her parents. So she decides to search for all the songs and, on this mission, befriends neighbors Ellen (Audrey Hsieh), intimidating Nicky (Olga Petsa) and Antie (Nick Thune), a music store owner whom she loves. Hates some and everyone. ,

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Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) is an MMA fighter who left the sport in notoriety. With no luck in her life, she spends years building up anger and regret, until she is convinced to engage in a secret fight plan by manager and boyfriend Desi (Aidan Canto), where She attracts the attention of a fight promoter (Shamier Anderson), who promises to take her back to the Octagon. But the road to redemption is complicated when Manny (Danny Boyd, Jr.), abandoned son Jackie, reappears.

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where I live

Five million Americans have nowhere to spend the night. Onde U Moro is a short documentary film by John Schenk and Pedro Kos that captures the experience from multiple perspectives. This immersive film personalizes the colossal problem by telling the true stories of those people, as a first step to fight unacknowledged attitudes and obsolete policies, and gives audiences a rare and in-depth look at scale, scope and diversity. is the first step. People in road conditions in the United States today.

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