The former World Trade Organization states that the support of the former World Trade Organization should be viewed with caution.

Ex-diretor geral da OMC Roberto Azevêdo fala sobre quebra de patentes de vacinas

In an interview with Cnn, Roberto Azevedo, former director general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), said the United States’ declaration of supporting a waiver of patent rules for vaccines against Kovid-19 should be viewed with caution, as it has adopted certain And have not made it clear the extent of the suspensions which should be supported.

Azvedo said, “At this point it is difficult to say what is the scope of what Americans are proposing.” “This is a very important change in the state of the country, which means that it should be viewed with caution.”

The former director general of the WTO also stated that the proposal for a full pardon of intellectual property rights is very radical and should not be accepted by the United States.

“It is one thing ‘I am ready to negotiate’ and the other is ‘I agree with the proposal’. The Americans have never said that and I highly doubt they will ever do that,” Azveddo told India. And the original proposal of the plan proposed by South Africa.

“The original proposal is very ambitious, with a huge scope. I doubt there will be an understanding on that basis in the short term.”

Former WTO Director General Roberto Azevado spoke to CNN about US support for easing patent regulations for the vaccine against Kovid (May 5, 2021)
Photo: Reproduction / CNN

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