The guinea pig pet note is one thousand; Know the types and learn how to care at home

The guinea pig pet note is one thousand;  Know the types and learn how to care at home

very small and cute Scapegoat Gaining more and more followers. Keeping a pet, whether at home or in an apartment, is very easy. What’s more, with its docile behavior, in addition to a simple diet, make this pet one of the most requested in the pet world. Learn everything and start your day off today (11/03) on Folha Go’s My Pet Blog.

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Find out all about guinea pigs here, Source: Pixabay

Find out more about Guinea Pig now

After all, what is the origin of the guinea pig?

Well, he is from the Andes (South America) and despite the “pig” in the name, he is not a boar. On the contrary, it belongs to the rodent family. Nevertheless, the best known species are: Abyssinian, Alpaca, English Crown, Peruvian, Rex, Teddy, Ridgeback, Skinny. Therefore, coat and color are the main characteristics that differentiate them.

See the care a pet requires

How to ensure the health and well-being of your pet is one of the first questions for a first time tutor. The rodent feeds on domesticated fruits and vegetables, which are classified as herbivores.

On the other hand, non-domesticated people have a diet based on grasses, grasses, herbs found freely in nature. In addition, some pet stores offer a custom pet food.

Other Care With a Guinea Pig

In addition to food, accommodation is important. hey Scapegoat It should never be caged, caged, as these promote podo dermatitis (a wound affecting the animal’s hoof), and in fact, compromise its mobility and overall health.

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If you want to take care of a quiet pet, the guinea pig is ideal – Canva

Why own a guinea pig?

Sociable and of course, it is ideal for people with children, as they are very funny and charming too. Well, there is one Scapegoat It can awaken different sensations in us. Ultimately, whether or not to be someone is really a matter of choice. However, it is a fact that your life will be more fun if you choose him as your pet.

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