The Last Kingdom: How is Northumbria today?

The Last Kingdom: How is Northumbria today?

One of the main places in the series “the last kingdomNorthumbria has been the scene of many conflicts. But how is Northumbria today?

During the Middle Ages, the period in which Netflix production takes place, Northumbria was a kingdom in the north of England that lasted from AD 653 to 954 and became the most important center of religious and artistic learning in the British Isles. , It is often referred to as the “cradle of Christianity” in England.

Today, however, the place is known as Northumberland and has become a county. It is on the border with Scotland, one of the countries that today make up the United Kingdom. Its length is 103 km.

Northumberland remains a predominantly rural area and is today the least densely populated county in England. In recent years, it has seen historical tourism develop. It also stands out for its natural landscape, mainly marshland. Football, horse racing and golf are the most popular sports there.

Northumbria University, which is named after the county, is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, mainly in urban neighboring Tyne and Wear County.

Netflix premieres in March

In addition to “The Last Kingdom”, the month of March brings 40 productions to the platform’s catalogue. From new movies to updated seasons of series, there’s news for every choice.

The Netflix original series dates back to the 2005 historic robbery that took place in Fortaleza. The documentary “3 Tonneda$: Asalto ao Banco Central” is directed by Daniel Billio.

“Bridgeton” gets a new season that will focus on big brother Anthony Bridgeton (Jonathan Bailey). The period novel was based on “O Viscount Who Loved Me,” the second book in the saga written by Julia Quinn – learn more about the second year of the series.

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There is also a seventh season of “The Flash”, a sixth season of “Supergirl”, the German version of “Queer Eye”, “Cre am Familia” and “Downton Abbey – O Filme” by Globo Films.

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Watch the trailer for season five of ‘The Last Kingdom’:

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