The Leviev family sued over Tinder scam over last name appropriation

The Leviev family sued over Tinder scam over last name appropriation

Tinder scam artist Simon Leviev has been going through days of struggle and glory days since the release of the documentary on Netflix. The documentary production shows that the criminal spent less time in prison and was not properly paid for his crimes, and on top of that he became famous after the film aired.

While many were angered by Simon’s impunity, others took advantage of the boy’s fame to invite him to create new material, such as a reality show and a dating podcast. However, becoming famous around the world also brought some problems: In addition to tasting the poison itself and taking hits on Instagram, the Leviev family has already tried to prosecute the perpetrator.

The documentary Tinder Hustler shocked customers (Image: NETFLIX)


The scammer, who is actually named Simeon Hayut, used the surname Leviev to commit his crimes, claiming to be the son of an Israeli tycoon without any ties to the family. Now real members of the Leviev family have filed a lawsuit against Semyon for fraud and using his surname to create a false image.

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According to documents obtained by the US press, the suit alleges that Semyon has long claimed he is the son of Lev Leviev, resulting in various benefits.

Simon Leviev duped several women in Europe by using an Israeli family name by claiming to be a diamond executive. He was arrested, but he spent only five months in custody, leaving the victims penniless and without justice.

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You can watch the full story in the documentary. tinder scam, available on netflix,

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