The Matrix and Transgender Allegory of the Saga

The Matrix and Transgender Allegory of the Saga

a theory that equates films matrix The experience of transgender people seems far-fetched, but its potential is undeniable. Theories exploded shortly after a filmmaker Lana Wachowski came out as transgender in 2012, and their influx only increased when, in 2016, fellow director Lily Wachowski followed in her sister’s footsteps. Several scholarly writings immediately analyzed the film, as well as all of its components, through this lens. A recent revival of this theory is a . happened through Article by journalist Emily VanDerwerf, where she explains the importance of films in her life path as a transgender woman. The saga was later confirmed through the director, “It was the original intention but the world was not ready,” reports director Lily Wachowski in conversation with Netflix.

When we begin to critically analyze a film based on trans symbology, ties begin to sprout. In fact, we can understand the entire plot of the film in the same way that the countless possibilities of our mind are discovered only after transcending the limits of the physical form. The physical bodies in the Matrix are only suggestions before the potential of our brain. In terms of concrete moments, the amount of evidence is enormous. First, there is the issue of the names of the characters, in the same way that a transgender person, they reject the name given to them at birth in favor of their chosen names. Neo, it’s not Thomas Anderson, it’s Neo, the person who exists outside matrix, the former was only a mask for what the latter was made to believe. nobody is here dead name For their community, only agents of authority or oppression do so. Also their clothing is based on the destruction of the control of the concept of gender, which is becoming increasingly bisexual, in fact Neo and Trinity’s wardrobes are interchangeable.

Even the choice between the red and blue bullets, one of the film’s most iconic symbols, can be analyzed through a trans lens. Discovered by numerous scholarly writings, the choice, which in some ways is the catalyst for the film’s entire plot, is a bold metaphor about coming out of the proverbial closet. Choosing to live within it, treading a path that is essentially self-destructive but safe, or one with a guarantee of pain but with a strong prospect of happiness, may face the storm of coming out as transgender. facing the terrible decision of The film can still be analyzed whether Internet The year of release of the original film, represented the year 1999. A place in the ether where we can be who we want to be, no matter who we are physically, a place where transgender people can begin their gender search online in places where their physical body doesn’t exist .

The Matrix, 1999

The Wachowski sisters tried to clarify the trans metaphor, but were stopped by the film’s production company. Through Switch’s character, the directors left much room for doubt in front of one of the film’s inspiration points, which aimed to make her a man in reality, but as a woman when in matrix, Although this description was constant in the original script, Warner Bros. Rejected the idea on the grounds that the general population would be too confused by the transgression of gender lines.

Although the evidence seems more than many, and the directors’ intention was to portray a metaphor for the trans experience, it is important to remember that art, like gender, is an extremely manipulative and unstable concept. And when it comes to art, our own interpretations rule over any other admiration, even those of the creators of said art. Other readings have already been popularized in the face of the film’s plot, even by the extreme right in the United States, particularly by white men, facing the red pill as a “liberation” from feminist ideals. who hold them responsible for the oppression of others. For this reason, it is remembered that, given the subjectivity of art, conceptual persuasion can reveal extremely well-defined paths, it is in our power to choose to broaden them, or even that ignore them completely.

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