The obvious way to end the mystery of Emily in Paris season 2

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Emily in Paris recently released its second season on Netflix, and impressed her fans with its unexpected worth. Platform customers want to know: Will Emily stay in Paris or will she return to Chicago? That is the big secret of the second year. What can be explained distracting; Check it out below.

In the second season of Emily in Paris, the main protagonist goes through great emotions. Coping with her life in the City of Light, Lily Collins’ character feels guilty for sleeping with Gabriel – Camille’s fickle boyfriend – at the end of the new year.

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Trying to ignore her feelings for Gabriel, Emily begins dating the charming Alfie, a beautiful Brit who comes to win her heart.

But in the end, the heart gets what it wants, and Emily decides to reveal her feelings for Gabriel. Unfortunately, she learns that her boyfriend and Camille have started dating again.

Emily’s Paris Finale on Netflix

With Gabriel dating, what does Paris still have in store for Emily? Will the character return to the United States? Only Lily Collins’ character can decide that.

At the end of Season 2 of the series, Emily has two choices: returning to Chicago and getting a great job promotion or living in Paris and starting a new venture by Sylvie, Julian and Luke.

The characters leave Savoir to start their own firm, and want to take Emily on a new project.

But what does Emily choose? Fans will have to wait for Season 3 to know this as the series ends before the truth is revealed.

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As Emily’s Paris Season 2 ends with a big twist — and given the production’s huge ratings — it looks like Netflix will give the green light to produce new episodes.

Although a third season of Emily in Paris has yet to be announced, new episodes are expected to hit Netflix in late 2022, as the last two seasons premiered later in the year.

There’s also the possibility of Netflix apparently solving the mystery, ending Emily in Paris, and creating a new series starring the character.

Emily could return to Chicago, which would completely change the premise of the series.

Thus, Netflix will be forced to change the name of the production from Emily in Paris to Emily in Chicago, thus following the character’s adventures in the United States.

It’s worth remembering that this is a theory, and has not been confirmed by Netflix or anyone else involved in the production.

The second season of Emily in Paris is available in Netflix’s Brazilian catalog.

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