The original version of the series will take 40 players to the mysterious place

The original version of the series will take 40 players to the mysterious place

The one-of-a-kind “Real Life Round 6” will recreate the exciting events of the South Korean series on Netflix and will even award a winner. Despite the violent content of the production, the experiment in Britain should be painless.

‘Round 6’ has become the most-watched series of all time on Netflix. In the plot, the indebted people participate in a series of children’s games. The one who wins stays in the game, the one who loses dies.

In the “real life” version, which takes place in the UK, participants will also receive a cash prize, which is much smaller than that offered in the series. The champion will raise 500 euros, which equates to a little over 3,000.

According to the “Daily Star,” competitors must sign a medical statement guaranteeing that they have the physical and mental fitness to participate in the challenges.

The “game” is being organized by Universal Ants, which claims that a security team has been hired to ensure the contestants comply with all the rules.

As in the series, 40 contestants will be picked up at a meeting place in North West England and taken to a mysterious location to participate in the competition. There will also be actors among the challenges, which organizers hope will add “an extra layer of fear” and uncertainty.

Creative director Max Fox said: “We want to make sure our experiences are safe, yet engaging, like the games seen in Round 6, but given the violent nature of the hit show, we want to be wary of incidents.” ‘Don’t attract unstable people’.

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It will be a painless experience. There won’t be any paintballs, guns or anything else, but don’t be afraid to get wet. We want to make the games as realistic as possible without the risk of injury. Some of our games you may not have seen before, but there should be an element of surprise and suspense so that people don’t really know what’s going on and they get deluded. Max Fox

The first event will be held on November 27.

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