The overwhelming majority say that Australia is right on Facebook

The overwhelming majority say that Australia is right on Facebook

Recently, various information channels released a controversy involving Australia and the social network Facebook. In short, new Australian legislation seeks to allow online news broadcasters to share profits with journalists. But Facebook did not agree at first and even closed the platform in the country. However, it now appears to be available for negotiation.

In that sense, we asked readers about this confrontation and most of them are true for Australia.

Australia vs Facebook: Who's right?

After the previous week's question was over, the results have now been released by analyzing the results. 683 answers Received.

The results are clear and indicate With 84% of the vote, most readers believe the reason is Australia. (572 votes).

In return, only 16% of polling readers disagree with the new Australian law and support Facebook (111 votes).

Graph result

For better visual perception, then follow the graph with the results:

Australia's controversial law and Facebook response

Recently there was a dispute between Australia and the popular social network Facebook. The reason was the new Australian law which seeks online news outlets to share profits with journalists.

But Facebook did not agree and said in a statement that it would not bow down to the demands of this new and controversial Australian law. As a result, it also blocked the platform in the country, prohibiting publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content.

The blockade was later lifted, and Zuckerberg's social network would actually have to pay for the news content.

But if you have not answered our question, then tell us who is right for you in this dispute: Australia or Facebook?

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