The pandemic has changed the behavior of church members in the UK

The pandemic has changed the behavior of church members in the UK

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The pandemic has changed the behavior of church members in the UK

Marcella Bastos

Decreased number of volunteers in UK churches. Photo: Internet

A report by the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom has revealed that the Kovid-19 pandemic has affected people’s habits towards the church in the country. Almost all churches returned to weekly face-to-face services (95%). Still, 6 out of 10 have decided to continue offering some form of online streaming. However, reports suggest that face-to-face attendance fell from 124 participants before the pandemic to 85 in 2021. There has also been a decline in the number of respondents attending face-to-face services, which was 92% before the pandemic. It’s now 68 percent.

Another challenge facing churches in the country is finding volunteers. Six in 10 church leaders say they have noticed “a decrease in volunteerism in their church”. Three out of 10 members admit that they spend less time serving in the context of the church. Possible reasons for the drop in volunteer numbers include those who “see COVID-19 as an opportunity to ‘retire'” or “volunteers who have lost the habit of going to church and other habits have replaced it.” “

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