The Power Rangers joined the Marvel universe and nobody noticed

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The Japanese Power Rangers have joined the Marvel Universe, though many fans may not have noticed. A new comic book brought a cameo from the characters.

The cameo appears in Avengers: Take-On Avengers #4, which takes place in Japan. While Captain Marvel and Captain America are seen talking on the street, they pass a group of characters with bizarre looks.

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According to Screen Rant, these characters are Japanese Power Rangers, though they’re clearly not in their battle gear. Although there are several versions of Power Rangers in the United States, they remain a huge hit in Japan as well.

See an image of the Japanese Power Rangers below in Avengers: Take-On Avengers #4. It was an amusing reference that miraculously placed the characters in the Marvel Universe.

Power Rangers shared universe on Netflix

After the 2017 reboot, which had no continuation, Power Rangers goes streaming. As Deadline reports, the franchise will debut a shared universe on Netflix.

Entertainment One, which was bought by Hasbro to produce TV and movie content, has struck a deal with Netflix. Among the properties, the streaming platform will explore Power Rangers.

The End of the F World screenwriter Jonathan Entwistle, who succeeded on stage, is responsible for overseeing the franchise. Entertainment One president Michael Lombardo confirmed the plan to the site.

“Ever since we introduced Power Rangers to Jonathan, we’ve envisioned a whole universe approach. It’s not just a series, it’s followed by movies as well as kids shows. We found amazing script partners for them. “

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“Knock on wood, Netflix is ​​excited, we are excited. We are hopeful that new news will come soon”, said the chairman of the producer.

The approach is similar to The Witcher. After the main series with Henry Cavill, the franchise began to take derivatives and would even have a children’s show.

Netflix, for now, is silent on Power Rangers.

There have been news coming in about a new Power Rangers universe since 2020. Initially, The Hollywood Reporter said that the reboot would begin with a film.

With the Netflix deal, it looks like that approach may be changing. Around the same time, the screenwriter himself celebrated the restart of Power Rangers.

“This is an incredible opportunity to deliver new Power Rangers to the new and current generation of fans who wait and adore. Let’s take the analog spirit in 2020 by leveraging the action and storytelling that make this brand a success,” said Entwistle. bring in the future.”

Now, as mentioned, fans must wait for the news.

On Netflix, Power Rangers is not about to debut. The Power Rangers reboot is available on Telescene Play.

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