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The Senate analyzes a bill that creates a program for restaurants, bars and diners as a measure to protect the area that was one of the hardest hit with the Kovid-19 epidemic. PL 973/2021, Written by Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), establishes aid for three months in the amount of R $ 2 thousand and suspends the collection of federal taxes with post-debt redistribution for these companies.

The proposal stipulates that, in order to receive assistance, restaurants, bars and snack bars must be registered with the Commercial Board, be actively listed in federal revenue and must employ at least one employee. Collection of federal taxes is suspended until December 31, 2021. By 2022, the federal executive branch will introduce modalities for debt refinancing, including discounts of up to 70% and repayment periods of up to 145 months. .

In addition, these companies will be able to participate in the incentive donation program of food stocks distributed to vulnerable families and will, in turn, guarantee the return of donated stock of up to R $ 3 thousand to be paid by the union. , That small and micro entrepreneurs in the restaurant, bar and snack bar sector will get a rebate of up to 15% in fees on delivery companies.

The text establishes that the amount of aid given will be limited to a maximum of $ 10 billion.

Support area

According to Randolfe, there are nearly a million businesses considering bars, restaurants and snack bars in Brazil. Of these, about 650 thousand are informal and around 93.4% are micro and small businesses. The MP said that bars and restaurants create 6 million jobs in the country and currently represent 2.7% of national GDP. In addition to growing more than 30% of the profile of businesses in Brazil. For the senator, aid is a measure capable of protecting the region that was hit hardest with restrictive measures due to the epidemic.

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“We will face yet another year, which has already infected millions, to control the spread of the disease that has killed over 280,000 Brazilians, leaving countless unemployed people and Brazilians There are very serious consequences for society. If a resume was expected in the first months of this year, then what is seen today is that measures are being taken in many states to shut down the business due to the slow rate of vaccination, which is Combined with the emergence of a new form of virus with greater expansion power. And with a significant increase in deaths, justifies Randolfe.

The MP was intended as an incentive to introduce similar measures adopted by countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

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