The Queen tests Meghan and Harry’s loyalty – Metro World News Australia

The Queen tests Meghan and Harry's loyalty - Metro World News Australia

After last year, it’s certain that the relationship between Meghan, Harry and the other royals has never been the same. Following a condemnation of racism within the royal family, revelations about Harry’s childhood trauma caused by Charles and various other shameful statements, Queen Elizabeth II appears to be testing the loyalty of the Sussexes.

Meghan and Harry, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex respectively, attended the Queen’s platinum jubilee, which took place earlier this month and celebrated the monarch’s 70th anniversary. Several officials attended the Royals at various public events.

But even though Meghan and Harry didn’t receive the friendliest reception upon their first return from California as a family, the fact that they were included in public gatherings represented an “olive branch” for royal expert Duncan Larcombe. does. They believe the royals will now be waiting eagerly to see if the Sussexes will use their UK visit for material purposes.

“The trial really starts now for Harry and Meghan. They came to the UK and Jubilee and really reinvented themselves as royalty, which is great for their brand and something Spotify, Netflix and Penguin will eat, Larcombe said in an interview with Closer.

For the expert, whether or not they continue to attend official events will largely depend on what they have seen and heard during the long Jubilee weekend. “Now it all depends on your behavior going forward. Apparently an olive branch was expanded by the royal family here. But Harry and Meghan would ruin that if any private information about this weekend was released to the press or revealed in a book. ,

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As for Larcombe, the British Royals no longer fully trust the Sussexes and will use the Jubilee fallout as a measure of whether that trust can be rebuilt or broken forever.

“This is their last chance. If anything leaks from Platinum Jubilee, I think they will be completely cut and that’s it. This is very dangerous ground if they betray someone now. But if they work properly and prove they can be trusted, it can be a big step in the right direction and a new beginning. ,

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