The real-life scammer praised the actress who played him in the series

The real-life scammer praised the actress who played him in the series

Anna DelveyThe Fraudster Who Inspired the Netflix Series Anna’s Invention She praised the actress Julia Garner who played her.

Delvey, who is in prison, took part in the podcast fordidon fruitAnd revealed that he met the 28-year-old actress saying that she was a very sweet girl.

Julia, known for series ozarki (Netflix) and modern love (Amazon Prime Video), portrays Anna Delvey from the years 2015 to 2017, and therefore uses an interpretation loaded with accents, and was even praised by the original Anna.

“She was really nice. She came to visit me and was a very sweet girl. I’ve been in the United States for over four years now, but at the time I was speaking French, German, and English on a daily basis.

Anna Delvey (Reproduction/Twitter)

History of Anna’s Invention, centered on a Russian-born character who moved to New York in 2013 under the name Anna Delvey. She aimed to build a private club at a noble address in the city, and for this she deceived many of Manhattan’s elite, pretended to be the daughter of a German magnate, and said that all her fortune was in a trust fund. was in

Netflix paid a hefty fee for the real-life Anna to release her story to produce a series written by Shonda Rhimes. Her story made the cover of a magazine in 2017 and shocked the high society, which for years believed in the spectacle.

Anna Delvey (Julia Garner) in the making of Anna

After several trials for fraud and theft of high amounts, the young woman was arrested in 2017. The lawsuits were filed by people who thought Anna was a friend, and by institutions such as banks and hotels. The total value of the false heir’s debt reached US$270,000, approximately 1.5 million reais.

Even with a 4 to 12-year detention sentence, his debts would have to be paid off, even if he was deported to Germany, where he left Russia at the age of 16 with his submissive mother. started living together.

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