The real reason for Lucifer’s cancellation is revealed

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Lucifer has had a strange journey since the premiere of its first episode.

The series initially belonged to Fox, an open TV channel in the United States, despite Warner Bros. production. Television. Initially, it was one of the most successful new series in the series.

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In the third season, however, viewership was not the same as before.

It was in the same season that Fox decided to cancel Lucifer. There will no longer be a fourth season on the channel.

It turns out that, in addition to being shown on TV, Lucifer was also available in streaming and was still very successful in the medium.

This was the reason that prompted Netflix to acquire the series canceled by Fox. From the fourth season on, Lucifer officially became a series of streaming service.

A few years later, Lucifer finds himself in the final state of affairs again.

The series will conclude on Netflix with a sixth season. The closure could have happened even earlier: Initially, the plan was that it would be finished in the fifth season.

However it was not canceled at all, and like the decision to properly end the series on more increments, an official reason for this has not been revealed.

Some fans believe that Tom Ellis wants to work other than Lucifer. Eventually, the actor’s contract would expire in the fifth season, and he would have to renew it to return for a sixth season (a conversation that, of course, was not easy).

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In September 2020, at DC FanDome, Lucifer’s co-producers indicated that the decision to end the series came from Netflix, but at least they had the opportunity to think of a good ending.

“It’s a mixture of emotions. We had a chance to finish the series in season five, but then we were given the option of telling another story or not. “

Producer Ildy Modrovich said: “We actually had another story to tell.”

In Brazil, lucifer is now available on Netflix. The series stars Tom Ellis in the lead role.

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